• Provide sound education to children of all communities irrespective of their race, religion, cast or creed in general . We also aim to prepare them to become mature and responsible citizens of the country through all round physical, intellectual, academic, moral and spiritual development based on valued derived from the life.
  • Open , found , establish, promote, set up, run, maintain, assist, finance, support and help in the setting up the different kinds of infrastructure for advancement of education in the fields of arts, science, commerce, literature or other useful subjects in all their manifestations.
  • Arrange and manage the vocational training programmes in different areas coaching, typing, short hand, computer, TV, radio, fine arts, crafts, music, painting, modeling, dancing, yoga, physical education or other professional training subjects.
  • Provide food, clothes medical help, stationary, libraries, laboratories, reading rooms, swimming pools and other possible facilities to the beneficiary .
  • Provide scholarships and help to deserving students. Offer them prizes and awards for their excellence.
  • Make efforts for the educational, welfare development of women, children , backwards SC/ST and other backwards in the rural or urban area.
  • Educate the people about their rights, duties in a democratic setup and promote activities for the eradication of social evils.
  • Provide aid and support for the welfare of students, teachers, deserving parents and weaker section of society.
  • Society can have affiliation with renowned educational universities/institutions in and outside Delhi.
  • Spread awareness about civic safety. Organise or coduct seminars/workshops on different safety programmes in schools, colleges, institutes and for the general public also.
  • Put in best of efforts to save and strengthen different cultures of India